What is the difference between RAM and ROM

Difference between RAM and ROM
Difference between RAM and ROM

There are two main internal memories of the computer which are ROM (read-only memory) and RAM (random access memory) that attaches directly to the motherboard. Where ROM is a permanent memory, and Ram is a temporary memory of the computer. There are several differences between ROM and RAM, but the main difference is that the ROM is a read-only memory, and the RAM is a read-write memory.

Difference between RAM and ROM
Difference between RAM and ROM

Difference between RAM and ROM

ROM – read only memoryRAM – read and write memory
Permanently stored data which can be modified at fastest speed with a limited time periodNon- permanent stored data which can be written , modified or deleted with no limitation of time period
ROM stores information that requires during bootstrapping processRAM stores information that is being processed by CPU
Speed – slowerSpeed – faster
Cost – cheapCost – expensive
Size – smallerSize – Larger 
Storage capacity – 4 to 8 MBStorage capacity – 1 to 256 GB 
Not required power for data storage (non-volatile)Required power for data storage (volatile)
Types – EPROM (Erasable and programmable ROM), PROM (programmable ROM) and EEPROM (electrically erasable and programmable ROM)Types – SRAM(static RAM) and DRAM (dynamic RAM)
Usage – Primarily comprises SRAM (CPU cache) and DRAM (DIMM modules)Usage – necessarily used where permanent memory is used such as UEFI and BIOS.

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Both ROM and RAM are necessary and important internal memory units for the computer. ROM is important to boot up the computing unit and RAM is significant for CPU processing. So both ROM and RAM are basic important elements to run computer programs

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